Statewide Perkins Consortium Initiative
Creating value for Nebraska’s career education system

If you’re involved in career education—as a teacher, faculty member or administrator—you should get involved in Partnerships for Innovation (PFI).

  • Innovative curriculum for career education.
  • Incredible online teaching resources.
  • Unmatched professional development opportunities.
  • Data and reports that enhance your decision making.
  • Alignment of skill assessments and career readiness standards.

Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) is all this—and much more. PFI is unique to Nebraska—a powerful coalition of secondary and postsecondary institutions focused on providing valuable career information, improving the quality and consistency of career education and enhancing the career learning environment in Nebraska schools.

Discover more about PFI. And bring even greater innovation into your career education programs.


Timeline of Events (2006 – today)