Statewide Perkins Consortium Initiative - Creating value for Nebraska's career education system

Annual Reports

Partnerships for Innovation has a comprehensive 2016-17 Program of Work, which outlines all major initiatives, professional development opportunities, and sponsored meetings/conferences. The Program of Work is guided by the Perkins IV State Plan, the 2007 FutureForce Visioning Forum and the PFI Leadership Council Retreats.

The Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) is a collaboration of Nebraska secondary and postsecondary partners focused on building a better statewide system of Career and Technical Education (CTE) to improve student learning and better meet economic development priorities.  PFI will do this by introducing innovation in delivery systems in CTE to include Career Academies, professional development and programs of study with coordinated curriculum between secondary and postsecondary education providers.

Programs of Study and Coordinated Curriculum

  1. Assist Nebraska Department of Education with system development to support Nebraska Career Guidance. A state model systemic career guidance program that covers K-14 and helps students make good decisions about choosing the right post-secondary education for the career they want to pursue.
  2. Assist with the development and facilitation of reVISION; a Program of Study development process in partnership with Nebraska community colleges and schools which integrate labor market information and Nebraska’s Economic Industry Clusters.
  3. Coordinate Nebraska: THINK statewide industry cluster awareness for Advanced Manufacturing collaborating with the Nebraska Departments of Labor, Education and Economic Development, Nebraska Community Colleges and Educational Service Units.

Supported Professional Development

Summer 2016 Summer 2017
Nebraska Developmental Education Conference

STEM Project Lead the Way

National Conference Scholarships

Statewide Career Education Needs Assessment

High School of Business

Accuplacer Transition and Professional Development

Focused Teacher Training Scholarships

Reading Comprehension Workshop

National Conference Scholarships

Engage Learning Experience with OnCourse

Developing Learning Activities in Math, Science, and English

Statewide Career Education Needs Assessment

CTE Delivery Systems

  1. Provide assistance to the statewide – marketing career education coordinated effort  among Nebraska’s community college, schools, ESU’s, professional organizations  and the Nebraska Department of Education.
  2. Manage and fund the Economic Modeling Specialist, Inc. (EMSI) statewide contract for the Socioeconomic Impact Study and the Analyst feature.
  3. Develop a workshop for the 2017 CTE conference.

Previous Programs of Work