Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI )

PFI has supported the statewide membership to Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc (EMSI) for all Nebraska community colleges to access the wealth of data available.  Secondary organizations, districts and Educational Service Units have access to reports regarding projected educational attainment, regional economic outlook reports and trends in career clusters over the next ten years. These may be helpful as districts develop programs of study and future program plans.  Local reports may be obtained by contacting us directly.

Additionally, PFI funded a Socioeconomic Impact Study conducted by EMSI, which evaluated the social and economic impact of community colleges on Nebraska’s economy as well as the benefits of dual credit  programs in the state. The reports are available for download by community college region by clicking the links below. Each zip file contains 8 files related to: business impact, th

2013 EMSI Socioeconomic Studies for:

Aggregate: State of Nebraska

Metropolitan Community College (zip file)
Southeast Community College (zip file)
Northeast Community College (zip file)
Central Community College (zip file)
Mid-Plains Community College (zip file)
Western Nebraska Community College (zip file)


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