Benson Career Academy Taskforce

Partnerships for Innovation facilitated the Benson Career Academy Taskforce. Below outlines the timeline, activities and resources generated for thoughtful discussions and action. If you would like assistance with Career Academy development and planning, please contact us.

Omaha Benson Wall-to-Wall Career Academy Proposal (approved by OPS School Board, Spring 2015)

Meeting 1: October 10

Agenda   Invitees     School and Student Reflections

13 Question Walk About Report          Our Cultural Norms

Meeting 2: October 27 - Data Review 

The Task Force has been divided into three teams. Teams are organized alphabetically  by last name. Please read the materials assigned to your team.  Teams will have 10 minutes at the October 27 meeting to discuss the materials and identify the content to share with the rest of the task force.  Each team will have 7 minutes to share the information and/or data.   Participants are welcome to review all the data sets; however, we are only requesting that you dive deep into the resources assigned to your team. Thank you for your cooperation!  (please note the groups changed slightly due to some changes in the make up of the overall task force)

Resources to Review: Curriculum Current and Proposed

Resources to Review: Perceptions Survey and Student Demographics

Resources to Review: Workforce and Economic Projections

  • High Wage, High Skill and High Demand              Video Overview                   Website

H3 Occupations          Industry Clusters Report     Career Clusters Report

Meeting 3: November 7 - National Best Practice 

Priority Listening:  Ready To Work: reviving vocational ed        

Priority Review: NDE Recognized Exemplary Career Academy    These slides walk viewers through how this high school has implemented the National Career Academy Coalition Standards.

Schools highlighted in documentary:    The Academies of Nashville        Minuteman High School

National Career Academy Coalition Standards

Nebraska Rule 47 website  checklist/overview

Additional Resources for your review

Meeting 4: November 21 - Vision 2020 

Meeting 5: December 5 - Action Planning and Resource Allocations